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Barbell Mama

Handmade, customizable kids clothes from Morinville, AB. 


Yellow Sprinkles

Pink Diamonds

Faux Denim

Orange Ribbing

Light Blue

Hot Pink Polka Dot

Grey Owls

Pink Deer

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For the love of it! What do your littles love? I can make that happen. Super heros, favorite characters, you name it and I'm up for the challenge.


Everything is handmade by me, usually while my little guy is napping! I love sewing, and want to share that love with all of you wonderful people.

Babies and Kids

I discovered sewing while pregnant with my son and really dove into it shortly after he was born. I love trying new things and getting a little bit better every day!

Blue Spandex

Coral Pink Spandex

Matte Purple Spandex